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We call ourselves to a renewed vision of Mercy Mission, Community Living and Leadership.
(Chapter Statement, 2013)

Making and praying with icons

Perhaps God is calling you, too, to engage with the needs of our time in a new and creative way. Sometimes God calls individuals to a radical change of lifestyle, and, if you are looking at this web-site because you are interested in religious life, we would be pleased to help you find out whether you have a vocation to be a Sister of Mercy.

To view a Vocations Video CLICK HERE.  This video was produced by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

The search for God is also a journey into becoming the person God designs us to be. For every Sister of Mercy the process of formation, as it is called, is a lifelong growth, an ever-deepening intimacy with Christ, an exciting and often challenging trans-formation. For New Members, initial formation is an especially intense period and one that deserves the right environment.

Creativity and Spirituality workshop

The Formation House for the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy is located in a quiet area of south-east London. Here in Eltham we hope that Catherine McAuley’s vision can be lived out authentically within a contemporary setting. As a Formation Community we endeavour to follow in her footsteps, sharing ourselves and our resources by living simply and reflectively. By creating a community of hospitality and welcome, where everyone feels an equal sense of belonging, we hope to empower each other... in the way that our Foundress did... to reach out in service of those in need.

The Formation Community

The House of Formation in Eltham, of course, is only one stage of the journey for a new Sister of Mercy. Those at the ‘Inquiry’ stage are accompanied by the Vocations Director. When someone is ready for a more direct experience of Mercy life, that is, the ‘Candidacy’ stage, she will be encouraged to spend time in a local Mercy Community near to where she lives. If she feels called to live a vowed life as a Sister of Mercy, she would then be based in Eltham for the period known as ‘Novitiate’, a two year course of reflection and study. During this time she will have a Novice Director as well as the support of other Sisters in the Community.

More details about the stages of initial formation, the Novitiate programme and requirements for admission are set out in our Initial Formation Handbook. The first step, however, is to speak in person to a Sister of Mercy. Our Vocations Director would be pleased to provide that initial contact:

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Video of Sr Penny Taking on Songs of Praise, on Becoming a Sister of Mercy