Residential Care

The philosophy of care in our care homes is to look after our elderly in the best possible way, in a "home from home" environment, by creating an atmosphere to meet all needs of care - social, spiritual and psychological. 

Providing the elderly with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well being, comfort and safety are of prime importance.


Our corporate ministry entails activities which stimulate and animate not only the residents, but also the staff in providing challenges to meet the needs of the residents. For example our care homes provide a variety of activities and games, e.g. scrabble, mah-jong, cross-words, bingo, quizzes, drama and keep fit exercises - all of which demand listening, patience, tolerance and the helping hand to the less able it is in such activities that the mercy charism can be witnessed and exercised. The high light of our social activities is the mini "fayre that takes place a few times a year. Staff and residents take an active part in the planning, organization and running the event.

The religious ministry provided in our care homes is a very important aspect of our mercy charism. The daily morning service is a vital part of the residents day and all denominations are welcome. Various other religious services take place according to the liturgical season. Our residents enter fully into the preparation of these services. Staff are always at hand and are willing to help and encourage the residents.

The pastoral care of all the residents is another important mercy charism, visiting and praying with the elderly is a tradition handed down from our foundress who said that visiting and praying with the sick is a spiritual work of mercy. This custom is still very much appreciated by our residents to-day, as we continue to "make mercy the business of our lives."