Moving forward to General Chapter 2018

14 September 2017

This week our Institute members have been gathering in Clusters around the country as we began once again to prepare for our next General Chapter. Our Cluster, met in Highfield's Convent, Derby.  We had a very stimulating, informative and enriching gathering as we prayed together and shared our hopes, expectations and concerns.

There was a sense among us that we really must take on board the reality of our situation regarding ageing and declining numbers of Sisters and be prepared for the changes this necessarily involves for leadership at all levels.

However, this was by no means a gloomy gathering. We were conscious that we are involved in God’s work and he alone knows the plans he has for us. The spirit of Catherine was powerfully among us. “It began with two.” Discussions, continued during a delicious lunch prepared and served by staff members who had most certainly imbibed Catherine’s spirit of hospitality and warmth.

It is a good time for us to reflect on the Spirit of Catherine, through her example, her words and the reflections of our Sisters around the world, past and present as we prepare for this next Chapter. We propose to put up across the months, some of the galleries we have, which portray her words, example and attitudes. Some, you will be familiar with but in each new moment, we are new people with new and deeper insights. 

The gallery below is

“Catherine’s Cloak of Justice”

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