Stories of Sisters of Mercy in Hull, preserved for posterity.

19 December 2017

In May 2016, Sisters from the Southcoates Lane 'Mercy' Community in Hull, agreed to take part in the oral History Project 'Untold Hull.' They were interviewed by photojournalist Lee Stow. The recordings of Sisters Agnes, Imelda and Nora are now available to everyone to listen to via the
'Untold Hull' website which is described as follows:

“Untold Hull" is an oral history project that collects and archives the stories and experiences of people connected to the City of Hull. The stories may be about historic events, about special days in the life of the City or they may be about growing up in Hull, going out, working and having fun – the small everyday things that are part of all our lives."

These stories form part of a new permanent digital collection, forming a unique social history archive. Hundreds of hours of recorded interviews will be accessible via this website and the (from Untold Hull website).

Sr. Agnes shared memories about the foundation of Dove House Hospice which began in the building now known as Dawson House. Sr. Imelda shared about her work in Education whilst Sr. Nora spoke of her work in Hull prisons for over four decades.

Tony, the Convent gardener of nearly 40 years, was also interviewed about his memories of growing up in East Hull.

Their stories can be accessed by the Untold Hull website-

The Sisters are the first article under the Collections Tab on the website, entitled Nuns of Hull which features a short history of the Sisters of  Mercy in Hull, photographs of the community and Sisters interviewed, and the recordings. Other Congregations recorded are the Daughters of Charity and the Congregation of Jesus who used to have a presence in Greatfield estate. Tony can be found under the  Stories Tab Archives.

Sr.Bernie Roche