Waiting for Christmas

24 December 2017

The commercial world of course just cannot wait.

As soon as the holiday season is over advertising ‘Christmas’ begins and the shops fill up with Christmas fare. As the weeks pass, packaging on all goods, food included, is festooned with holly, stars, snowmen and Father Christmas of course. Christmas lights and hanging decorations appear and our every day surroundings become festive and magical.. 

While we enjoy this and acknowledge the need for businesses to use the seasons to make money and create jobs we do have concerns for those people encouraged to spending more than they can truly afford.

 Later, many houses and gardens are beautifully lit and some fantastic Santa and snowmen appear as a welcome at the doors. Councils make great efforts with lights on public buildings, trees and Grottos in public squares and spaces as the Festive Spirit heightens.
Waiting is hard for children; the last week in school is usually a magical time but when schools close parents have to deal with the frustration and behavioural problems that waiting creates for them.

This waiting, heralds the season of peace and good will towards all people. It is the period when people tend to think of the vulnerable, the poor and the homeless and to respond generously to food banks and various Charities.

It is the time also when families and friends make plans to meet and celebrate together.

But what are we really waiting for? What is Christmas all about?   More