'Climate Change' Demands We Change Our Ways

19 January 2018

 Our news and broadcasting systems bring into our homes horrific information, film and images of the tragic events and disasters occurring in different parts of the world.

We are once again urged to take serious note of the effects of our life style and how much we humans are contributing to the warming of our planet home.
The rate of warming is increasing. The 20th century's last two decades were the hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia, according to a number of climate studies. And the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that 11 of the past 12 years are among the dozen warmest since 1850.

Let us reflect upon the beauty of our earthly home and praise and thank God for it while seeking his help to renew our efforts to promote a simple, healthy and less wasteful lifestyle. 


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 Let us pray with St. Francis

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe and in the smallest of your creatures. You embrace with your tenderness all that exists. Pour out upon us the power of your love, that we may protect life and beauty. Fill us with peace, that we may live as brothers and sisters, harming no one.

O God of the poor, help us to rescue the abandoned and forgotten of this earth, so precious in your eyes. Bring healing to our lives, that we may protect the world and not prey on it, that we may sow beauty, not pollution and destruction.

Touch the hearts of those who look only for gain at the expense of the poor and the earth. Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light. We thank you for being with us each day. Encourage us as we pray in our struggle for justce, love and peace. Amen.

Sr. Camilla