Praying for Our General Chapter 2018

19 May 2018

The Celebration of Pentecost draws to a close the great season of Eastertide. This day, this year, is extra special because it occurs during our General Chapter 2018.  

We are inspired by the memory that this feast marks the time when the Holy Spirit takes over the work accomplished by Jesus and is powerfully present in our world to empower the growth of God’s Kingdom on earth.  

 We remember that Jesus assured his anxious Apostles and disciples that the Father would send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit to empower them in continuing his work. We believe that this promise was for all time and that the Holy Spirit works in all who believe, trust and love God.  

A General Chapter of a Religious Congregation is an essential and important part of the continuing building and spreading of the Church which Jesus began.  

We pray that the Holy Spirit will be powerfully present in the hearts of our current Institute Leaders, our elected delegates and all involved in the Chapter process. We pray also for all the members of our Institute. This is our Chapter; our role is to support the process with incessant prayer to the Holy Spirit.

 The Gallery below will hopefully help us in this task

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Acknowledgements:Motifs and Symbolst  from Signs Symbols&Saints, Mc Crimmons