Reverie on Heaven and the Feast of The Assumption of Our Lady

14 August 2018

   Reflecting on this delightful feast when Mary our mother, is reunited in heaven with her 
    Son Jesus we are reminded again of the limitations of our imagination.

   We have only earth images to draw on. Was there hugging, kissing handshaking from the
   Father and Jesus, hovering and fluttering from the Holy Spirit and cheers from the Angels?
   Did she pass through the ante chambers meeting Abraham, Moses, David and countless other Old Testament personalities? Did she meet the Apostles, Paul, all the Saints, Martyrs, and followers of her Son from across the centuries? It is good to imagine that she did graciously meet and enjoy speaking to them all in that timeless place we call heaven.

The church throughout the ages believes that when the apostles revisited Mary’s gave shortly after her burial there were no sign of her mortal remains. More