Restoration of the Crimean Monument

1 March 2017

 Restoration of Crimean Monument at St Oswald’s Cemetery, Liverpool

The cemetery in the garden at St.Oswald's Convent was approved when the original one at the former Mother House at Mount Vernon became too small. Eventually the sisters from the Mount Vernon cemetery were re-interred at old Swan. A monument in the form of a cross was erected in the cemetery to commemorate the sisters who worked in the Crimea with Florence Nightingale, looking after the soldiers. Two sisters died in the Crimea and the third one is buried at St Oswald's. The names are carved on the base of the cross. At some stage the cross was painted white. During a very severe storm on February 2nd 2014 the monument was dislodged and badly damaged. Some photographs show the extent of the damage to the monument. The meetings and discussions that followed seemed to last for ages. The site was inspected by the council, the historic buildings society and the insurers. Estimates were sought and after many months, the contract was given to Duggan and Parr Stone Repair Services. The cross was made off-site in sandstone as near as possible to the original and has to be kept in its original state. The new monument was installed on February 8th. 2017.
Base of Crimean monument               Assembling the column
Carmel and Zita inspect the work                    Getting ready for the final touch             Fixing the cross to the top 
The finished monument now standing proudly in place once more!