Remembering Good Friday

14 April 2017

 Sing my tongue, the glorious battle. Sing the ending of the fray;
To the Cross, our noble trophy, here a fitting tribute pay,
Telling how the world's Redeemer, slain as victim, won the day.

Tell how, when at length, the fullness of his time was come,
He, the Word, was born of woman; left for us his Father's home,
Showed to all the perfect manhood; shone as light amidst the gloom.

Now the thirty years are ended which on earth he willed to see.
Willingly he meets his Passion. Born to set his people free.
On the Cross the Lamb is lifted; there the sacrifice to be.

Unto God be praise and glory, to the Father and the Son,
To the eternal Spirit, honour now and evermore be done.
Praise and glory in the highest, while the timeless ages run.

Photograph St. Mary's Church Derby
Thumbnail picture "Signs Symbols and Saints" McCrimmond