He is Risen Alleluia

15 April 2017

As we move from the sombre days of Holy week, the joy and exhilaration of Easter begins to rise in us. Pondering on Christ’s life on earth, his teachings, miracles, suffering, death, and resurrection to life in glory give rise to the sense that these deep mysteries are way beyond our human comprehension.

The moving Liturgical Services stir something deep within us; challenge us to make sense of the life we are leading.

I find myself falling back on those simple of Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity learnt in Childhood. We call these the Supernatural Virtues.

When we consider the state of our world, Christ’s redemptive work appears to be thwarted, derailed by greed and selfishness, the refusal to love. We are constantly bombarded with noisy adverts, glitter and flashing lights, driving our desire for more and more stuff, feeding our selfishness and desire for the new and better, the latest models, the up to date fashions. Atheism and agnosticism are rife and the notion of ‘God’ is blamed for the wars and violence around the world.

Meanwhile the poor get poorer, the earth gets ravished; many species lose their breeding grounds and become extinct, while the few get richer and richer. Our world is controlled by the multinationals, whose sole aim is profit at any price; homelands, flood plains, pasture lands, fishing grounds are confiscated for drilling and mining with disastrous consequences for the poor. Our Politicians are rendered virtuously powerless by the power of these multinationals and world money markets.

While we deplore the state of the world, nonetheless we are conscious of the same selfish drives in our own hearts and minds. We do not want them; we try to resist them but human weakness so often prevails. Should we be depressed?

Having prayed through the season of Lent and participated in the Holy Week Services, imbibed the richness of the Scriptures this would be a most inappropriate response. So what is our way forward

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