Patricia Henry, Platinum Jubilarian: a poetic reverie on Seventy Years as a Sister of Mercy

5 March 2018

Having celebrated the beautiful feasts of Christmas and the Epiphany when Christ was revealed to the whole world through Wise Men from the East, following a star,

I pondered on the significance of the date for me. January 6th 2018:
 My Platinum Jubilee; Seventy years as a Professed Sister of Mercy.

Felt deep joy, a moving sense of the significance of that sacred event: the journey of the Magi following a star, reflecting my own life’s journey.


I embarked on my journey to become a Sister of Mercy in 1944,
A quantum leap in the eyes of my family,
Leaving peaceful Ireland for war torn England!
Hazardous, daunting, fearsome;
Getting lost in the crowd, was to my advantage, my guide.
No Star, just a crowd! though unaware of my presence.


Arriving at Clifford, Convent of Mercy - a huge awesome building; numerous windows, staring silently at me.
Fear gripped me; my heart beat against my ribs
butterflies fluttered within, playing out their winged notes
“no turning back, no turning back” “hand to the plough.”
This is to be my home, for my early formative years!}


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