Palm Sunday 2018

25 March 2018

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All Glory lord and honour to thee
to thee Redeemer King
to whom the lips of children
made sweet hossannas ring.

Ecumenical service held by Derby Cathedral and St Mary's Bridge Gate

 The weather this year permitted what has become a traditional Ecumenical Service for Palm Sunday in the City of Derby.

The Congregations from the Anglican Cathedral, in Iron Gate and the Roman Catholic Church, St. Mary’s, on Bridge Gate join together for the Blessing of Palms in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s journey into Jerusalem.

‘In house,’ we call the bridge that spans Derby’s complex road systems the ‘Ecumenical Bridge’ for it enables easy access for such celebrations.
The procession from the Cathedral across the Bridge after their Morning Service was truly impressive. It was joined by the Congregation from St. Mary’s after their 9 a.m.  Mass. Following a short prayer and Hymn the Congregarions mingled as they processed around the perimeter of the Church to the Convent garden. 

On that first Psalm Sunday people then came out in great numbers to welcome Jesus   waving palms and other leafy branches

For Christians, today, Palm Sunday marks the beginning of “Holy Week”- a sacred week when we recall with reverence and gratitude the very significant events that took place during it.

*The ‘Last Supper’ during which Christ gave us his enduring presence in the Eucharist: bread and wine blessed and changed into his Body and Blood with the instruction “Do This in Memory of Me”

*Betrayal by one of his Apostles,

*An Agony of dread in a garden while his friends slept.

*An unjust trial, death sentence, scourging, crowning with thorns and Crucifixion.

*Then the Glorious Resurrection from death to life three days later.  

Through his suffering and death Jesus took on himself all the evil, greed, and selfishness, human kind has perpetrated throughout all time. Like the thief on the cross all we need to do is look on him with a repentant heart and say ‘remember me!’