John Talbot

16th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (1791 – 1852)

John Talbot was the last Catholic Earl of Shrewsbury. He lived in Alton Castle in Staffordshire which he inherited from his uncle Charles, the 15th Earl. He enthusiastically set about improving on the grounds and gardens as his uncle had started before him. John was a great supporter of Augustus Pugin and his work. He married Maria Theresa Talbot in 1814. She was the daughter of William Talbot from Castle Talbot, Co Wexford. From the 15th Century the Earls of Shrewsbury were also the Lord High Stewards of Ireland. Their title of the Earl of Shrewsbury is recognised as being the Senior Earl in the Peerage in England.

John Talbot was a great supporter of the Catholic faith in the Midlands and gave generously to various projects, such as the building of St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham. When he died the funeral was held in the Cathedral. Sadly, his only son John, died in infancy and his other children were his two daughters Mary Alathea Beatrix and Gwendoline Catherine.

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