Lady Georgiana Charlotte Fullerton (1812-1885)

Georgiana Charlotte was born in Staffordshire on 23rd September 1812. She was the youngest daughter of the first Earl Granville and Lady Harriet Cavendish.

She was brought up in Paris, as her father was the English Ambassador there. Her mother was a High Anglican and Georgiana was brought up in this faith. She married Alexander George Fullerton in 1833. He worked for the embassy in Paris and had previously been in the Guards. In 1843 Alexander Fullerton became a Catholic after having considered the step for some time. Georgiana followed her husband into the Catholic faith in 1846 having received instruction from Fr Brownhill, SJ.

Georgiana Fullerton became a novelist writing the following novels, “Ellen Middleton” in 1844, “Grantley Manor” in 1847, “Lady Bird” in 1855 and “Too Strange not to be True” in 1864 as well as others. She also published two volumes of poetry plus biographies and translations from French and Italian.

In 1855 Georgiana suffered a tragic blow as her only son, William Granville died. It was a loss she never recovered from and after this she devoted her time to works of charity. In 1856 she joined the Third Order of St Francis. She and her husband then settled in London and it was not long before she made friends with Fanny Margaret Taylor, the lady who started the religious order of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God. This congregation was founded to work among the poor in London. Georgiana was among its most loyal band of supporters. Yet her charity work extended beyond this and there are many incidences where she gave support to the Sisters of Mercy too. She died in Bournemouth on 19th January 1885.

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