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Our Foundress, Catherine Mc Auley, came with the founding Sisters to establish the first Convent of Mercy in England on the 19th November 1839 for the education of children and the visitation of the poor, sick and needy.

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Convent of Mercy, Bermondsey 1839

  Portrait of Mother Catherine Mc Auley

On the 21st. November 1839 Mother Clare Moore was appointed Superior and six postulants received the Holy Habit on 12th December 1839. In January 1840 Sister Clare Agnew was appointed Assistant.

Having seen the foundation off to a good start, Catherine left Bermondsey to return to Dublin on the 13th January 1840.  Catherine Mc Auley died on 11th November 1841 having made a second English foundation in Birmingham. 


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Mother Clare Moore, Superior of


  Mother Clare Moore's page from our
Profession Register
Reception Ceremony in Bermondsey
  Annals of the Middle School

Significent Developments In Ministry
The Crimea

One of the major events of those early years was the involvement of the Mother Clare Moore and her Sisters, with Florence Nightingale and her work in the Crimean War in 1854. Florence herself said in a letter to Clare Moore in 1856 –

“ . . . What you have done for the work no one can ever say . . . My being above you was my misfortune, not my fault. My love and gratitude will be yours, dearest Reverend Mother wherever you go . . . I do not presume to give you any other tribute. The gratitude of the army is yours.”

Mother Gonzaga Barrie, Sister Anastasia Kelly and Sister Stanislaus Jones 
who served in the Crimea.  Eight Bermondsey Sisters went to the Crimea.

The Sisters Today
Making Mercy The Business Of Our Lives

Today we are a small, but thriving community of eight Sisters, one of whom continues to keep close links with our Kenyan Mission.   We strive to continue the work begun by those dedicated women who have gone before us, over 170 years ago. Their works are translated to meet the needs of life in the 21st. Century.



Our Vision Statement

Inspired and animated by Catherine, and living a prayerful and reflective life, we strive to be a support and strength to those with whom we live, work and reach out to, in our local and global community. Mindful that we are caretakers of our Mercy House of Hospitality, Heritage and Archives, we endeavour to be a welcoming presence to all who visit.

It is our great joy and privilege to live and work in this Bermondsey Convent of Mercy, Archive and Heritage Centre, where we are in a unique position to offer hospitality to countless Sisters of Mercy, parishioners, local schools and many other visitors.