Reverie on Heaven and the Feast of The Assumption of Our Lady

  Reflecting on this delightful feast when Mary our mother, is
  reunited in heaven with her Son Jesus we are reminded again
  of the limitations of our imagination.

   We have only earth images to draw on. Was there hugging,  
    kissing handshaking from the Father and Jesus, hovering and
    fluttering from the Holy Spirit and cheers from the Angels? Did
    she pass through the ante chambers meeting Abraham, Moses,
    David and countless other Old Testament personalities? Did
    she meet the Apostles, Paul, all the Saints, Martyrs, and
    followers of her Son from across the centuries? It is good to
    imagine that she did graciously meet and enjoy speaking to
    them all in that timeless place we call heaven.

  The church throughout the ages believes that when the
   apostles revisited Mary’s gave shortly after her burial there were
   no sign of her mortal remains.

The Apostles themselves had been saddened when Jesus told them he would be leaving them to return to the Father who sent him. They were walking and talking with Jesus along with a large crowd when it actually happened! He suddenly began to ascend from their midst into the sky. They had watched in astonishment as he rose higher and higher until the clouds hid him from view.

After this experience of his Ascension, it would have been no surprise or difficulty for them to draw the conclusion that Jesus had arranged for his mother, after her natural death, to awake and be transported into Heaven to join Him.

Is it a difficulty for us? I think not because it is all part of our faith as Christians. We either believe what the Church teaches or reject it all.

However, I think it is good to wonder and ponder on aspects of our faith. What this particular feast stirs up for me is the nature and fate of earth.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV)

If God loves the world so much is it really going to be destroyed at the end of time. When human kind has either gone to heaven or the other place what happens to all the creatures of earth the animals, plants, trees, flowers, the birds, insects etc to the wonderful beauty, balance, interplay and interdependence of every part of creation with all that exists.

Could it be, I wonder, that the earth is, in reality a replica of heaven? When we arrive in heaven, as indeed we hope to, will it seem strangely familiar? I believe so and I believe that nothing that is good and wholesome about earth will be lost. Will we meet God? Will we be awestruck or relaxed? After we have been received, welcomed and met family, friends and many friendly personages we have met in the Scriptures or in books will we be overwhelmed by the love, peace and joy that permeates the whole atmosphere? Will we be free to wander at will through woods and forests, hills and dales meeting without fear many wolves, lions and even stranger animals we have never seen before? Will we watch the ebb and flow of tides enjoy the sun and the shade of the woods? How will it be? What is eternity. Will we get bored? Is heaven scary or exciting. So many unanswered questions.
My sense is that Heaven will be way beyond our wildest, happiest dreams.

Acknowlegements Photgraph from the Lady Chapel. Sr Mary' Church Bridgr Gate, Derby

Sr. Camilla