Hymn for The Presentation of The Lord

(Tune: Fill your Heart with Joy & Gladness)

Light that’s glowing in our churches
Tells us Christ is present there
I’m the Light of the World, the Lord said
Let it shine and let it spread.
Light illumines all the darkness
Brightly shines to show the way
Safeguards, prevents us all from stumbling
Enlightens, brightens every day.

Simeon sang his Nunc Dimittus
Now dismiss me Lord in peace
My eyes have seen your salvation
Prepared for greatest and the least
Kindly he blessed Mary and Joseph
Wanted both of them to know
This Child will be raised to greatness
In maturity and wisdom grow.

You have come as “Light to the World Lord”
That everyone who believes might see
They no longer need be in darkness
Clothed in this gift are all set free.
Glory be to God the Father,
Glory to His only Son
Glory to the Holy Spirit,
Glory to the Three in One.

Composed for the Feast of the Presentation
(2nd February 2011)

Sister Patricia Henry