My Personal Magnificat


My soul is drenched in love-
not a love that is sweet and pious,
but a love that is firm,
strong as death.
Yes, it has been proved by death,
Death on a Cross.
A death that is alive in Resurrection.
Into this love I am invited,
In this ocean of merciful love
I am sustained,
and loved into a life
that is vibrant with that very love.
That love has found its home in me,
and itself has become my home.
This home is gifted with an ever open door
where the poor,
the sick,
the lonely,
and the unloved
have their place at the table-
the table of the Eucharist,
where The Father welcomes,
The Divine Host nourishes,
The Spirit transforms and restores
all human spirits to their Divine inheritance.
My soul praises the Lord
for all that has been,
for all that is
and for all that will be
Because all is His Love.


By Sister Catherine Quane