Beyond the Door


I stand in the open doorway
With outstretched arms extended
With the deep breath of the Spirit
Breathe out on the wings of the wind
Stirrings of the Divine presence within me,
Of peace, love and friendship to a world in need.
I open the door of my heart
To those suffering in war torn countries
To neighbours, friends, the lonely and poor,
To the larger world.
Those who have touched my life –and today.
I belong to others, a link in a chain
Connecting me with the whole Universe.
I am a child of the Universe, being born each moment.
The world is my door. Going beyond the door
I bring the gift of new dimensions
To those willing to receive it.
Beyond the door enables me to spread the “Good News”
To those I encounter in buses, trains, on the street.
“The Divine in me, honours the Divine in you,
Honours the Divine in me, honours the Divine in All.”
Wholly at one with myself
Life takes on a richer meaning
Fulfilled by my Mercy Call.

Sister Patricia Henry