Easter Reflections by Patricia Bolton RSM


 Easter Day
The strong hand
held out for my taking
this daffodil morning
of brilliant dawning
though scarred
is not marred
where the nail pierced.

The hand is familiar with nails
and with craftsman’s travails with wood
and the odd time with blood
as the tool slips
the flesh rips
to be tended by Mary.

Compassionate fingers
where healing still lingers
I feel in their pressing
an ultimate blessing
suffused by divinity
and sunrise sublimity
which touches my soul.

The garden is calm
where the breeze stirs the palm
and the perfume of living
distilled by the giving
of his life for ours
has entered the earth
from his birth to his rising
on this day of perfect and world changing love.

The hand which I take
on this sunrise morning
amid the daffodils
is indelibly marked
where the nail entered,
yet perfectly legible
reading ‘love’
which ever way you view it.
No need to Cling

Mary of Magdala!
He has given Time
the side slip
and the knocking heart
which you feel
through the grave-linen
reiterate its song
for ever
He is risen!