Our Greatest Gift a poem for Christmas time by Sr. Patricia Henry


In a world torn, struggling in discontent
Weighed down with fear
Bathed in a whirlpool of meaninglessness
Darkened by clouds of doubt
Mindful of unchartered roads to travel
And risks to take,
Only the wise traverse to search, seek and make.

The Magi, astrologers, wise men
Travelled thousands of miles
Searching for a King and found him.
The crafty wise entrenched and clinging
To the familiar and comfortable
Seek only to destroy and neutralize.

Which bits of fear do that?
Reflect awhile----contemplate this wondrous truth
Let the stillness of that first Christmas Night
The sweetness of the smiling babe
Lying in a manger, draped in heavenly light
Sink deeply into your inner world,
To the manger of your heart.
Experience wonder, joy and glory
Of the Divine presence in your life
Our Greatest Gift.
Can you embrace this reality?

Sister Patricia Henry