Creator Christ

Christ, Eternal One - fire, energy, in the heart of matter.
In that creative act which brought all things to be,
did you see the whole?

Did you craft the myriad songs of birds,
the autumn gold, the fresh, spring green,
the springing lamb, the plodding cow,
the vast array of life in water, sky, on land?
Did you in detail plan it, or simply let it happen?

Your delight in variety, everywhere displayed!
Marvellous your work, stifling speech
in breath taking wonder.

Was I in your mind at that moment, with all peoples, of all times?
Did you decide, black or white, brown or red,
straight hair or curls, dark or fair?

Pylons, wind-farms, skyscrapers,
tower blocks, cities, motorways
were they too in your timeless vision?

In that creative moment, did you call us then,
to unity, through transforming,
unconditional loving?

Creator God, be patient with our faltering slow evolving.

Camilla Hunt rsm