Mercy Associates

Mercy Associate

The Mercy Associate movement has greatly expanded in recent years and this includes groups of Youth Mercy Associates.

These groups stretch from the North of Scotland through to North England, Wales, Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Midlands and the South. The YMA are concentrated in London, Liverpool, Peterborough, Colwyn Bay and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The formation of these groups consists of a Pre Initiation Programme of nine monthly meetings.

Following the Commitment there is a Pack available for on going formation. It includes scripture, the life and writings of Catherine Mc Auley, days of recollection and pilgrimages following in the footsteps of Catherine.

Pictured right: Sister Agnes and Associates in Baggot Street

On a social level groups are encouraged to meet up and join with the Sisters in celebrating special Mercy Feast Days.

This is what an adult Mercy Associate has to say about what it means to her to belong to the group.

"Since joining the Mercy Associates I have made friends who support me in times of difficulty, friends who understand my faith and help me pray. I am happy to be involved with the Sisters of Mercy who educated my children." 

A Youth Mercy Associate says "I like being a member of YMA where I can pray, do good and help others"

They produce a magazine twice a year; have their own prayer book and handbooks

For the easy flow of communication there is a National Commission of six Sisters and six Associates; together with Chaplaincy, Finance and Communication Teams, The responsibility of this group is to evaluate and plan for the future.

Pictured right: Youth Mercy Display in Coolock

Youth Mercy Associates                

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Youth Mercy Associates

 Youth Mercy Associates are young people between the ages of 10 and 17 who wish to follow in the footsteps of Jesus


  •  By upholding the vision of Catherine McAuley of joy, faith and mercy
  •  By praying, sharing and reflecting together
  •  By letting God’s light shine through their sharing of their gifts and talents for others 

The Youth Mercy Associates Groups provide a link between young people and the Mercy Congregation. 

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