South Sudan

 South Sudan lies to the west of Ethiopia with the countries of Uganda, Kenya and Somalia to the south.  It also shares a border with Congo and Central African Republic.  The civil war has had a devastating effect on Sudan's recent history and many Sudanese have gone into exile.  During the continuous wars much of the infrastructure of the country was destroyed and yet the Church remained undaunted.  Bishop Justin Badi was essential to the rebuilding of Maridi Diocese which is situated due west of Juba the main town in southern Sudan.

Gradually the diocese became involved with providing primary and secondary education, healthcare and HIV/AIDS awareness training.  

One Mercy Sister from the Institute has worked in South Sudan for a number of years - experiencing at close quarters some of the unrest and displacement of people at first hand.  Those working with the poor try to establish the simplest of schemes, such as raising chickens and in 2014, a piggery.  Much of the work depends on generous donations from other countries and organisations.  Here, surely the Beatitudes are lived out in reality!