Christmas Celebrations at "womenat the well"

Christmas time is often a very difficult time for the very poor and vulnerable members of our society. All our active Communities make a special effort to reach out to the lonely and marginalised at this time. Below are some images of a lovely day in the lives of vulnerable women in the kings Cross area of London. This was the Christmas celebration at women@thewell, a charity that serves women trapped in the many aspects of pavement culture such as homelessness, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, violence, and physical and mental ill health.

Today for a few hours all their worries were set aside as they became the favoured ones! Trustees, Staff and Volunteers worked long hours to give them a warm special day to remember.

The day began at 5.30 for some of the staff who  were in post in the kitchen by 7a.m. Thirty-five guests had signed up for dinner. Because of limited space two sittings were required. Everything was organised to the last detail and the day ran very smoothly and happily. Trustees, staff and Volunteers worked in two teams. The first Team sat down at tables with the guests and were served by some of the second team. Those waiting for the second sitting were engaged in enjoyable Christmas activities by the remainder of the second team.
After the first sitting the roles were reversed. I hope the following slide show gives a flavour of the day. 

When all had eaten the activity tables were cleared and all gathered into the first floor meeting room for games with prizes. Much laughter and banter ensued. The day ended for the guests with a rousing sing along of Christmas Songs and favourite Carols. Amidst much hilarity the guests slowly and reluctantly departed. It had been a good day for them.

 After a general clear up and time for relaxing we gathered for an evaluation of the day and of the year. All agreed it had been a successful, rewarding day and there was much praise for the overall planning and organisation which had allowed everything to run so smoothly. The evaluation of the year was made through a very humorous and statistical power-point presentation by Helen, the Charity Administrator. This, with appropriate pictures enumerated the number of clients through the door, the number of meals served, the number dishwasher loads, the number of laundry washes and so on. Informing but funny! Vicky, the Project Manager gave an interesting account how the project was developing and spoke of the quality, dedication and loyalty of the Volunteers without whom the services could not be offered.

The Charity is richly blessed in the quality of its current staff, their professionalism, spirit of unity and fidelity to women at the well’s values and ideals. It is blessed too in its CEO Lynda, her expertise and total dedication to vulnerable women and in the Board of Trustees who put their expertise and professional experience at the disposal of the Charity. Last but certainly not least is the blessing of the loyal generosity of a great team of volunteers. Sisters from many Congregations, lay women and one lone gentleman who offers legal advice when requested, all give unstinting dedication and support to the women who come through the doors.

Truly “women at the well” is a work of God and it is to God we entrust its future in these difficult financial times