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Mercy Archives and Heritage

The Mercy Archives throughout the world preserve the memory of Catherine McAuley’s choices and all the choices that have proceeded from them.

Mercy Heritage is expressed through the Bermondsey Heritage Centre and through the Archives of the Institute of Our Lady of Mercy. A Heritage and Conference Centre at Handsworth, Birmingham, a Joint Institute and Union project, was opened in 2005 with the Director a Sister of Mercy from the Federation. The two Centres and the Archives were established to promote the legacy of Catherine McAuley's Sisters of Mercy on the local and global scale. The work and faith of the Sisters of Mercy from the first foundations in England at Bermondsey, London, in 1839 and Handsworth, Birmingham, in 1841, to supporting vulnerable women in central London and respite care for children in Newcastle-upon-Tyne today is told through exhibitions of artifacts, the spoken word, images and audiovisual presentations, and through studying archival documents.

‘Archives are the footprints of Christ on the world.’

Pope Paul VI

The Mercy Heritage Centres and Institute of Our Lady of Mercy Archive reflect the essence of Mercy, documenting lives lived in Christian witness to the poor, sick and underprivilaged. The annals bear witness to the immense work that has been undertaken since the Order first came to England in 1839, from educating thousands in Kenya to dignifying the elderly in Wales. The Congregation acknowledges the importance of the past when dealing with the present and looking to the future.

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