What is it?

It is a process which enables the participants to be more effective in their work or in their life in general. It helps people to feel more engaged with what they do, to be the best they can be. Using a facilitator to work with a group or organization usually opens up new possibilities New methods of working become available and participants speak about a more positive sense to their work or personal life.

Facilitation can be helpful with work or family life or relationships or personal/spiritual growth. It can affect productivity in the workplace or creativity or efficiency. Or it can be more to do with the individual's desire to grow in wisdom and freedom and connectedness with other people and God.

Who is it for ?

  • People in a variety of jobs and situations who feel the need for a better focus or output.
  • Facilitation can be used to develop an overall sense of meaning and purpose in the workplace or family or in an individual.

What is involved?

Facilitation is most helpful when the group or organization feel there is something they could do better e.g... Improve their productivity or work more effectively as a team or staff. The manager of the group might engage the facilitator who would then talk with the group to discover what they want to do and make a plan that everyone is happy to follow. Once the facilitator understands what the group wants to do, some kind or process is offered. This might include small group conversations, and activities to help participants to get below the surface of the issues they wish to work with. Then various approaches would be used to clarify the aims and objectives the people wish to follow. Time to think and check over and develop ideas and dreams would be part of this process. The point of it all is to become clearer about the purpose of the group and how best they might move towards their goals. This process might take hours or weeks depending on numbers and commitment and is always open to negotiation.

If the facilitator is working with people on their spiritual life the time would include more reflection and meditation, maybe some singing and movement, input and conversation, but all this is to enable the participants to move more confidently towards their desired vision.