The Catholic School in Bridlington, which was run by the Dominican Sisters, was in danger of closing through shortage of personnel in the Congregation, so Bishop Brunner (Middlesbrough) approached the Reverend mother of the Hull congregation asking for Sisters to save the situation.  In response to this appeal, Mother M. Thomas Higgins with six other Sisters took up residence in the Convent vacated by the Dominican Sisters in No. 22 High Street, 1962.

The Dominican Sisters had, in 1929, tastefully adapted the Carriage House and Stables situated in the garden, for use as a Catholic Private School.  Mother M Thomas – remembered as a woman of deep prayer, hard work and complete dedication – seems to have a very literally interpreted the mission to ‘save the only Catholic School in Bridlington’, as her every effort was directed towards that end!  In the late ‘60’s, however, the concentration of effort gradually gave way to involvement in traditional and new Mercy Apostolates in the wider field.  The movement outwards eventually touched every aspect of life in the wider community, from the cradle to the grave and beyond (through ministry to the bereaved). The Sisters share the joys and sorrows of the people of Bridlington, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.  In any kind of need, people find a haven in No. 22 and the Walking Nuns are enables in a great variety of groups – Prayer, Age Concern, 60+ Club to name but a few.