Kenya - Kiptere

“Thank God for Foundations; they make the old young and the young merry” words of our Foundress Catherine McAuley. 

It was to Kiptere, a small rural parish in the Diocese of Kericho in South-West Kenya that Helen and Imelda came in January 2002 at the request of the Kiltegan Fathers.  Since then a very fine Primary School is nearing completion and this year saw the pioneer group do the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exam. Helen did much in the field of Evangelization before being elected on to the leadership team in 2003.  Imelda’s loss was the Institute’s gain and reluctantly Imelda bade her goodbye.

Kenya is a land where survival is a constant struggle for many.  One has to admire the resilience of these people, their never-ending hope and their faith that rain will come and life will continue in spite of drought and famine and disaster.  Sharing their ups and downs, experiencing their hope and patience, challenges my faith and hope and teaches me much about life.

Since the beginning of the church in Kenya, the establishment and the maintenance of schools has always been considered a priority.  In today’s situation those same schools are still most powerful tools for evangelization.  For the formative years spent in school are the years during which our children establish the foundation of their lives on sound human and Christian values.

Through education programmes we continue to fight against HIV/AIDS.  This apostolate is at the cutting edge – the disease is endemic in Kenya and no one knows the number of Aids orphans.  So the way forward is to “Tell the young” and how bitter to do this than in the context of a Christian Education.

As a Mercy Missionary Sister my main aim is the establishment of the Kingdom – a Kingdom of this world in the form of beautiful school buildings but of moulding and shaping young minds and hearts to take their rightful place in that Kingdom.  Our school motto is “Knowledge of the Word Leads to the Light” and the ‘Stars’ in my life are the children of Kenya and especially the orphans who are being sponsored through Secondary level education by wonderful people like you.