Liverpool - Finch Lea Drive

The house was opened on November 29th 1993 and continues to the present date March 2005. The Sisters were undertaking their Mercy Mission in a small house in St. Dominic’s Parish, a deprived area of Huyton, in collaboration with the Salesian Priests who administer the parish.

Sr. Jo realised a growing desire to live and work among the poor and with the blessing of the Provincial and Generalate Teams the house was purchased.  The late Fr. Cyril Kennedy, S.D.B., then Parish Priest, wrote that our arrival “had all the feeling of a visitation from on high”.  Fr. George Robson S.D.B. the new Parish Priest blessed the house and celebrated Mass which was attended by Sisters from Broughton Hall and representatives of the Catholic Community.  History was made, as we were the first Sisters ever to live in this parish. In fact the Priests and Sisters are the only professional people living in the Parish and we are treasured by the people.

The house is modestly furnished with items from our Convents in Sheffield, Leeds, Birkdale, and Broughton Hall from when these houses were closing or moving - Mercy into Mercy.

In the opening months Sr. Clare helped out on a temporary basis. Sisters Ann Marie and Jenny ministered in the parish and school for 4 and 3 years respectively.

The Priests are very much part of our life and the charism of their founder Don Bosco who lived around the same time as Catherine McAuley is very similar to Mercy. They are a source of strength, inspiration and support to us and we to them.

Sr. Jo Gleeson at this moment lives alone.  Her ministries include Sacramental preparation, Bereavement work, Justice and Peace issues, pupil support and general Mercy mission.  There is a thriving Associate Group who act as an extended family.  The house is used by the various groups for their meetings.

I believe that this area and its people are especially dear to God.  They have many needs.  They are the salt of the earth and an inspiration.  The psalmist says, “The Lord is close to the broken hearted, those whose spirit is crushed, He will save”.  I pray that our Mercy presence will long be part of His plan for them.