Liverpool - Maghull

The convent in Maghull was founded from the Liverpool, Mount Vernon Community. The Sisters of Mercy moved there in 1939 at a time when Maghull was little more than a village outside Liverpool. The Sisters had been obliged to close Hardy Street Convent, a Branch House of Mount Vernon situated near the Liverpool docks, because of the bombing in World War 2.  They settled in a house called Kennessey, once owned by a famous astronomer, Isaac Roberts, near St. George’s Catholic Church and started a small all age girls’ school there.

Ten years later, when Maghull had developed into a small town, they donated Kennessy to the Parish to help its own Parish school and purchased a large house nearby known as Quarry Brook from Mrs. Hornby, wife of the famous maker of Meccano Toy Trains. In accordance with the Butler Education Act of 1944, the Sisters then restricted the school’s intake to children aged 5 to 11. This school later developed into a Girls’ Grammar School and later still a mixed Comprehensive School.

Education has always been the main ministry of this house but traditional Mercy ministries of visitation of the sick, poor and housebound are carried out alongside.