London - Wanstead

Wanstead Convent


The Story of the House

The Sisters of Mercy came to Wanstead in December 1917. This was in response to a request from Fr. W. 0' Grady, Parish Priest of St. George's, Walthamstow who recognised that there was a great need in Wanstead for Catholic Education. The sisters came from Commercial Road in East London and the Convent was purchased for £2,000.

 The Sisters today

Making Mercy the business of our lives


Wanstead Community with Care

We are making Mercy the 'business of our lives' today by our outreach work of service to those in need.  With the help of our lay staff we care for our Sisters in Community for as long as possible. This is done in a spirit of service and in appreciation for all our Sisters have given in various mercy ministries over many years. 

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Our Vision Statement

As Sisters of Mercy, strengthened by our relationship with God, we commit ourselves anew to:

Be a hospitable Community, treating each other with respect and sensitivity, supporting and encouraging all ministries, being a quality presence to our sick and elderly Sisters and using the earth's resources responsibly.

 Ministries today include:

                             Acceptance of suffering                                                      Parish ministry
                             Prison work                                                                            Retreat work
                             School Governors                                                                 Spiritual direction 
                             Supervision                                                                             Teaching
                             Work with the homeless                                                      Missions support 
                             Prayer                                                                                       Hospice work
                             Counselling                                                                             Adult literacy
                             Communications work                                                        Listening ear

The Religious of the Assumption and

The Sisters of Mercy

Praise and Thank God

                                   For their Vocation to the Consecrated Life

 In a short service of prayer, reflection and Eucharistic adoration, the two religious Communities in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Wanstead,  shared what drew them to the Consecrated Life.  Sisters Katie and Muriel (Religious of the Assumption) and Sisters Catherine and Marion (Mercy) shared their story, ‘Why am I here’.  it It was very moving but inspirational and all different.  All are here because of God’s initiative, God’s choice.

Extracts were read from both Constitutions/Rule of Life, reflecting how we are drawn at the deepest level of our being, into the life of the Trinity received in Baptism and lived out in daily service of God’s people.

After the service the joy of being gospel people was evident as we shared a ‘comfortable cup of tea’.


‘What was it that drew you
To disengage yourself
From the story that had nurtured you,
To don the ascetic shift,
To hitch the cord of ceremony across your shoulder
And with your thumb
Anoint your head with holy water?

What made you leave the smiling hills of ‘Homeland’
And sit straight-back in a chapel stall
With the sacred texts upon your knees,
And search for grains of truth with prayer and penance’?

                                                                        Adapted from P Purnell