The Sisters came to Oldham at the request of Canon Wrennelin in 1863 to educate the mill workers, most of whom were children, and to see to the needs of the poor in this industrial area.  By 1907, the original Convent had become too small and the Sisters moved to the present house, Werneth Grange. 

Today the needs of the area have changed, the number of Sisters has reduced, and the age profile has increased. 

In keeping with one of Catherine McAuley’s sayings “Our centre is God from whom all our actions spring as from their source”, we now make the house a centre for prayer and hospitality, providing a venue for the deaf, a prayer group, Mercy Associates and diocesan Senior Religious. 

Retreat days are well attended by parishioners from the local parishes.  Also the traditional Mercy “comfortable cup of tea” is well known to the “men of the road”. 

Some sisters continue to work in the local parishes, visiting the sick and housebound and assisting the priests in their ministries.