Peru - Lima

A shanty town on Lima’s largest rubbish tip was familiar to Sr Mildred who, since 1978 had regularly visited a Core Group established to organise a local Health Care Programme.  When in 1984, she and Sr M Agnes Prior (Hull) moved into their tiny Convent, there was great rejoicing that the Madres had come to share their lives with the people.  A small clinic, since greatly extended, had been prepared and become operative immediately, and the story of self-help initiatives was soon repeated in an area even more depressed than Tupac Amaru, a factor that has meant less active interest on the part of the Shining Pathway. 

After the clinic, the most immediate help is provided by the Dining Centres (Soup, Kitchens), in an effort to stem the recurring attacks of TG, Cholera, Typhoid, etc., amongst the starving people. 

The Sisters in Tupac Amaru and Villa Maria form one Community and meet on (at least) a weekly basis to provide mutual prayerful support for the many Sisters who, since 1969, have been enriched by a time of ministry in Peru.