London - Kings Cross

Mercy Ministry at Kings Cross

Kings Cross Calling……

  • When are you moving?
  • How are the building works going?
  • Is it going to be a refuge or a day centre?
  • Will you be the only ones living there?

These are just some of the questions that have been asked of us in the past few months. We haven't got full answers to all of them but we can share some of our evolving understanding with you.

Over the past 6 months we (Anne, Eileen and Lynda) have met on a number of occasions, on the last two of these Camilla has joined with us, as we continue to discern God's call to take Mercy to Kings Cross.

The progression of the building works feel very slow to us, but those who understand the inner working of Planning and Conservation Departments, particularly those in inner London, tell us that actually they are running quite smoothly! Needless to say, the building, which was a hotel that had seen better days when we bought it, has to move through being a building site, before it can be transformed into a new "house of mercy". So at the moment we have a "glorious building site" which will be delivered to us in phases. The first phase, our community space will be ready for us to move into before Easter. Work will continue on the rest of the building, which will house the project etc, this will hopefully be completed during the month of June. On the 24th September we intend to commemorate the 180th Anniversary of the opening of the first "House of Mercy" by Catherine McAuley in Baggot Street with a blessing ceremony.

women@thewell has been legally established as a company limited by guarantee and is in the final stages of charity registration. Once this is completed we will begin to recruit and employ staff. Conversations have already taken place with appropriate agencies regarding developing partnerships to provide services within the project. The project will be non-residential, on a daily basis it will provide access to support and advice services, training and employment of women. We will be exploring other forms of membership and offering opportunities for residential placements for those wishing to share our ministry.

Our Mission Statement

As Mercy Women
we embody Catherine's mission
to enable women
to achieve their potential
through providing
a creative and supportive space

The Well

As a community we will work towards deepening and extending the QUALITY of our presence compassion and mercy respect service and hospitality attentiveness inclusivity and value of indifference listening our way of enablement and empowerment Prayer, Reflection, Contemplative stance always aware of God's call to us to be HERE  in community as we live and work in partnership with others