Our Charism

“There is a variety of gifts but always the same spirit" (1Cor:4)

For his own purposes and design, in all ages and contexts, God calls individuals to a special work or mission right for its time and place. Mysteriously at the same time there will be others who recognise and respond to the spirit of that call. You will, perhaps think of many such people both past and contemporary.

We Sisters of Mercy recognise such a person and call in the person of our foundress Catherine McAuley and in the women who worked with her as our Congregation was born and evolved. It is our joy, privilege and awesome responsibility to be the people today who inherit that spirit and carry forward God’s purpose and design in our own countries and circumstances.

What you may ask is that special gift, spirit, or Charism, the treasure we must not bury?

In essence it is to make visible and tangible, the merciful love of God for the whole of creation; the awareness and understanding of ourselves and our Congregation as a small but unique and significant part, in the whole mystery of Christ’s revelation of the Father as the “God who is rich in Mercy.” Following this Gospel path Sisters of Mercy make a fourth vow: to serve the poor, sick and needy.

Catherine was moved by God to respond to the ‘cry of the poor’ in her time and locality. Her earliest and deepest call was to support and enable women and children but her heart went out to all in need. By God’s favour the work she began carries on one hundred and seventy-five years later in all parts of the world.

We today, faithful to the spirit of Catherine, strive to bring the merciful, gentle, compassion of our God to the current, the unmet and the emerging needs of our advanced technological, consumer driven and materialistic society. We are aware of the confusion, darkness and alienation in our societyand we desire to be a merciful presence for all who cross our path.